Big race coming up?
Recent injury?
Chronic Pain?
Recovering from surgery?
Or……just looking to relax!?!

The massage studio at Wellness on Walnut is a relaxing and inviting space where you can set aside your worries and receive the care you need.


Kate will collaborate with you to design a session that give you overall stress relief or can be targeted to address specific musculoskeletal issues.


The Basics



A typical Swedish Massage is oriented towards relaxation and improving circulation through gentle strokes and petrissage. 


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue treatment zeroes in on problem areas. Injuries or chronic pain can be addressed with a variety a methods to relive strain and re-establish health patterns of movement.


Hot Stone

The application of heat helps the tissue open up gently. This treatment is often soothing and deeply relaxing.


Pre-Natal Massage

Kate is delighted to work with you throughout your pregnancy to help relieve some of the common physical stressors of each trimester.  She will use techniques suited to each stage to give you the maximum benefit.



Kate offers a wide variety of other modalities to help you create a custom treatment…


Myofascial Release                                            

Trigger Point Release

Neuromuscular Therapy                                   

Lymphatic Drainage

Thai Yoga Massage                                           

Scar Tissue Rehab


Active Isolated Stretching                 


Your session can be designed to give you relief from…


Back Pain                                                              TMJ

Sciatica                                                                  Carpal Tunnel

Neck/Shoulder Pain                                            Tarsal Tunnel

Hip/Knee Pain/Injury                                         Repetitive Stress Injury

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain                               Arthritis

Headaches/Migraine                                           Orthopedic Injuries

Daily Stress


Treatment Costs

     Swedish, Deep Tissues & Prenatal

          60 minute Massage     $85

          90 Minute Massage    $125

     Hot Stone       

          60 Minute Treatment   $100

          90 Minute Treatment   $140

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