What exactly is Reiki?


Reiki is a modality of energetic healing that has always existed. The practitioner draws a concentration of high vibrational life force energy and delivers it through the hands, body, and 3rd eye to the recipient. Reiki is an intelligent energy- it moves where it is needed most. Reiki is a pure light Source energy, meaning it can never be used in a harmful way.

Reiki travels through pathways in the body known as meridians, and works on a cellular level to relax and restore the body. When energy is sent to the central nervous system, massive amounts of healing naturally become available. Reiki works on multiple levels, which is another bonus to this specific modality of healing. You’re able to access and bring healing to the physical, emotional, spiritual body, as well as work within karmic bonds and contracts.

No two sessions or experiences are alike- sometimes the recipient may experience sensation, see colors, you might laugh, you may cry, or you might just fall asleep! The one common thread for all reiki sessions is deep relaxation.

Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions

Sessions begin with the Anointing of Feet, a ceremony rooted in an ancient mystic tradition. I use essential oils, salts, herbs and flowers to cleanse and anoint the feet- which grounds, clears energy pathways and dispels negativity, while offering a sacred blessing. This ceremony tunes into Christ Consciousness energy.

In my work I call in Angels, Spirit, Ascended Masters, your own guides and team, and many other energies. This realm communicates with me various information and impressions necessary for the highest good of the healing.

As an Empath I am able to feel any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain/sensation of my client in my own body- which directs me where to work. I also use a technique called “scanning” where I am able to feel the variance of energy throughout the body.

While I channel reiki energy, I also use crystals, anointing oil, and burning herbs for a multi sensory experience.

Some sessions will include cord cutting and psychic surgeries to fully transmute the present energy.

We'll complete the session with an Aramaic blessing from the ancient Essene tradition, and a card reading. I channel this reading as led by spirit to offer clarity, direction, and confirmation about the work that took place. This is a beautiful opportunity to expand and explore what has come up.

We'll take time to discuss the work, your experience, and make space for questions and expression.

1 hour sessions include 45 minutes of reiki and 15 minutes for the reading/discussion.

90 minute sessions include 70 minutes of reiki and 20 minutes for the reading/discussion.

Walk in Services:

Feeling like you need a little boost, or perhaps some help getting relaxed and grounded? Want a little time to care for yourself on a busy day, or on short notice? Walk in Services are a perfect opportunity to grab a quick dose of energetic healing. These abbreviated sessions are designed to deliver you the opportunity to receive Reiki without the time commitment.

Reiki Tune Ups include a full body balancing- clearing out non-harmonious energies, and giving a boost to our healthy energies.


Card Readings are an opportunity to sit down and talk with your heart. Using a combination of Tarot and Oracle Cards, we’ll take time to reflect, with the guidance of spirit. This is an interactive reading- we’ll be collaborating and asking questions together, as a tool to help you connect with the wisdom of your own heart.  Card Readings are a great way to get simple, and concise information. I prefer to not put a time limit on readings, as each reading is different.

Expanded Readings will use at least five cards, but can always include more. This is a more in depth look at what’s going on. We can ask more questions, and get a bigger picture. Expanded Readings also have time for meditation or energy healing, if needed.


Walk In Only

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Reiki Tune Up (15 Min.)

Reiki Tune Up (30 Min.)

3 Card Reading

Extended Reading & Healing





60 Minutes Reiki


90 Minutes Reiki


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